5 Reasons why you should not invest in Post Office schemes

Post office  department has been the pillar of small savings in India. With a total  investment base of about 6 lac crores, they are one of the biggest deposit mobilizers  in Indian banking sector. While traditionally Post office schemes enjoyed huge popularity due to round the corner presence , local trust and the fact that they offered slightly higher returns than similar schemes from banks but they have not at all kept pace with improvements in banking services and customer facilities. Here are 5 reasons why I do not recommend investing in post office schemes

Non-Core Banking Service

Most of the post offices are still not on Core banking platform as a result whatever investments or savings you park with them stay with the local branch. For any changes, pre-mature withdrawals etc you

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20 tips to help you do more with your money

As the say money makes the mare go.  While money cannot buy happiness always but it can do it most of the times. Here are some tips so that you do not run after money but money  works for you.

  1. Never Spend more than you earn
  2. Most of the time you do not what is happening to your money so always create a budget plan
  3. Before you spend pay your loans starting with costly loan which is mostly credit card
  4. Whenever possible replace high-cost loan with a low cost one.
  5. Investing in real estate is overhyped especially when it is not for personal use
  6. Retirement planning starts when you are young not when you are close to retirement
  7. Never underestimate the power of compounding, It’s more powerful than anything else.
  8. Never underestimate inflation it can eat into your savings quickly
  9. When

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Looking to Save 1crore: Here is how you can do it

Becoming a crorepati in India or a Millionaire in the US has some kind of romance and enigma associated with it. From Bollywood movies to TV shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati being crorepati is associated with feelings like Oh yes I have arrived at a sense of entering the elite league. The league which smokes cigars drives convertibles on Marine drive and bets big on horse racing in Mahalakshmi grounds. With increasing incomes and increasing inflation what you can get done with 1 crore has reduced considerably but the SWAG value of being called crorepati has not reduced one bit.

So what can you do with Rs 1 crore today

  1. You can buy a 1 Bhk apartment in Andheri
  2. You can buy a 2 bhk apartment in Thane
  3. You can get a new BMW

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Looking to transfer PF : Here is what you need to know

Did you just switch to the new job? Are you planning to transfer the PF account and have no clue about the process? Luckily, you are in the right spot.

A few years back, transfer of PF account seemed to be impossible. But today, EPFO is making the sincere effort to make PF system useful and convenient for the employees. Transfer of PF account is the most prominent feature offered by EPFO.
In past, you had to make PF withdrawal when you get the new job. This situation was not healthy; you would receive taxable PF corpus. Today, you have complete freedom regarding PF account transfer. Not only you can forward the previous balance to a new account, but you can also continue the pension scheme for

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Fixed Deposits: All you need to know

A fixed deposit is one such financial instrument which will help you deposit a sum with a bank for a predetermined period of time and the bank pays an interest on that sum. In essence, it’s a way of lending money to a bank, the opposite of taking a loan. These are sometimes even referred to as bonds or term deposits.

A fixed deposit is one of the primary sources of cheap capital for any bank. This capital, multiplied by millions of fixed deposits made by a countless number of people adds up to a huge corpus which the bank lends out to people in the form of various loans, among other investment avenues. The difference in the interest received by the person making a fixed

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Choosing a Mutual Fund- Why Mutual fund ratings not the best way

Can i pick up top rated funds from Crisil or Value research and invest in them ?

How reliable are Crisil Ratings or Morningstar ratings?

I invested in top rated Crisil fund last year now the fund rating has changed should i switch? 

These are some of the questions investors keep on asking on quora as well as in my individual interactions with them. Essentially all of these questions can be rephrased into a following simple question

             Are Mutual fund ratings on their own good enough to pick up a mutual fund

 The short answer to the question is no. Let me explain why and how

Different rating agencies can rate funds differently 

I picked up top mid cap and small cap funds and tried to look at how they are rated

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Looking to withdraw EPF? Here is how to do it

Do you want to withdraw EPF balance? Because you just left the job. You must be concerned about slow and complicated processing of EPF withdrawal But don’t you worry! Thanks to the authorities, making the EPF withdrawal is  convenient like never before! We will show you how to claim the EPF balance easily and quickly!

Why Should You Not Make EPF Withdrawal?

Although, you have come to seek help about EPF withdrawal. But we recommend not to make withdrawal for following reasons:

  • Retirement Corpus: EPF is a great financial instrument to build your retirement corpus. This way, you can save little amount per month. Don’t forget about the interest rate i.e. 8.75% p.a. Honestly, this corpus will make your life stress free after retirement!
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Employee Provident Fund (EPF) India: All you need to know

Employee Provident Fund is a famous saving scheme operated by the Indian Government for salaried individuals. This scheme is aimed to flourish retirement savings for all Indian employees. Precisely, it is a corpus of funds, regulated by contributions of employee & employer. The contributions will regularly be made, mostly monthly by both parties. The contribution amount will be fixed from the start. Interest will be paid on the EPF balance. Both EPF balance and interest accrued are non-taxable. Tax benefits are the main attraction associated with this scheme. The withdrawals are allowed once the maturity period is finished. But still, pre-mature withdrawals can be made in the case of resignation or death of the employee. In exceptional circumstances when the employee cannot work, this saving scheme comes handy.

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Secure your daughter’s future with Sukanya Samridhi Yojana

Sukanya Samridhi Yojana is a most popular government scheme for the betterment of girl children in India. It was launched by Shri Narendra Modi (Indian Prime Minister) under the Beti Bacha, Beti Padhao campaign. Precisely, this scheme is an opportunity to save money for the betterment of girl child. The money saved through Sukanya Samridhi Yojana will provide means for every girl to get higher education or wedding expenses. This scheme is a bold step that provides financial security for girls to make them independent!
Gender inequality always has been the most notorious issue in the country. This scheme is a great step, aimed to eliminate gender inequality in the society. We live in a country, where higher education of male is preferred. On the other hand, wedding

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Atal Pension Yojana – All You need to know

What Is Atal Pension Yojana?

The Indian Government introduced Atal Pension Yojana as an opportunity for unorganized Indian society to join National Pension System. Before this scheme, the workers of the unorganized sector could not save their income for their retirement. This scheme works under PFRDA (Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority), a section of National Pension System (NPS).

The Government had serious concerns about old age income security of weaker section of society. This scheme aims to encourage people to opt for pension. Unlike other pension schemes, the workers from the private sector can also apply for Atal Pension Yojana.

Precisely, this scheme assists weaker section of society to save income for old age. The subscribers will

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