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Best Arbitrage Funds to invest in 2017

Arbitrage Funds started gaining traction in India when liquid funds gains started getting taxed. In this post we look at Best Arbitrage Funds to Invest in India.¬†Taxation and risk are the main factors which concern the investors most. Before 2014, short-term debt funds were considered as best option for risk-free returns from investment in mutual fund. After government¬†reduced the tax benefits for debt funds, Arbitrage funds became popular. It’s investment strategy to generate a return

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What are arbitrage Funds: Meaning, Taxation, risk, liquid fund comparison

Arbitrage Funds are mutual funds with an objective to profit from inefficiency in the price of securities in two different markets. We look at their taxation, meaning and difference with liquid funds in this post. The fund invests in equity and debt instruments. The fund manager applies the arbitrage strategy in the equity portion of the fund and for debt portion; it is invested in short-term debts and liquid funds. The profit from arbitrage fund

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