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How SIP works : Detailed working of Systematic Investment Plan

systematic investment plan (SIP) is a small and easy plan offered to interested mutual fund investors. SIP scheme is very much similar to recurring deposit scheme wherein an investor invests small amount of money on regular basis. The underlying instrument in SIP is mutual fund though unlike RD. The SIP scheme helps an individual investor to invest under in the Mutual Fund scheme in instalment instead of a lump sum of amount. This post looks at

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What happens to your Mutual Funds when there is a market meltdown

Last few years has been great going for stock markets in India, we have seen a secular bull run and  probably one of the strongest bull runs in the history of the stock market. Consequently, mutual funds also had a gala time with most of them clocking  great returns for their investors.

But let’s say tomorrow there is a market meltdown what will happen to the markets , so I thought let me see what happened in past

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