HDFC Mutual Fund Fact Sheet

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2017)

HDFC mutual fund is one of the premier mutual fund house in the country. HDFC mutual fund was approved by SEBI to as a registered asset management company on 3rd of July 2010.HDFC mutual fund also took over the business of Morgan Stanley mutual fund and Zurich India mutual fund in India.

HDFC mutual fund as of today runs about  1162 schemes and has 237177 crores of funds under management. HDFC mutual fund offers schemes across almost all categories of mutual funds including debt, equity diversified, liquid and many sectoral schemes.

HDFC Mutual funds Introduction

HDFC mutual fund fact sheet tells you about portfolio and performance of each of the funds that is run by HDFC mutual fund. This fact sheet is published on a monthly basis and contains the following information about the different schemes

  1. List of securities mutual fund have invested in under different schemes
  2.  Value of securities which constitute a fund
  3.  Key Ratios of all the fund schemes
  4. Asset classes of the securities of the key investments
  5.  Key Insights into market condition by fund managers.

Top mutual fund schemes that will be covered in the fact sheet

  1. HDFC Liquid Fund
  2. HDFC Prudence Fund
  3. HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund
  4. HDFC Top 200 Fund
  5. HDFC Balanced Fund
  6. HDFC Short Term Opportunities Fund
  7. HDFC Medium Term Opportunities Fund
  8. HDFC Long Term Advantage Fund
  9. HDFC short Term fund
  10. HDFC tax saver fund
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Key terminologies to understand HDFC Fact sheet

  1. NAV is net asset value is the value of one unit of your fund this value is calculated every day
  2. Benchmark: It is the basket of securities whose performance is used as a standard or benchmark to measure the performance of the mutual fund. Some typical benchmarks include NIFTy 50, S&P BSE Sensex, S&P BSE 500, 10-year Gsec etc.
  3. Sharpe Ratio: Named after its founder William Sharpe is the measure of risk-adjusted return
  4. Modified duration: Modified duration is the price sensitivity or percentage change in price for a unit change in yield
  5. AUM is the total assets or funds under management for a mutual fund scheme
  6. Beta measures the volatility of the fund versus the benchmark index

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