Just married? Manage your finances better.

(Last Updated On: September 5, 2016)

It’s all set, decided. The first thing I do on the night of my wedding is write a budget spread sheet with my spouse and then make love with him. Yeah, I mean it.

Money is known to be the biggest reason to cause friction in a marriage. So, the only possible way to ensure monetary harmony in marriage is to vow budgets. As newlyweds you must know the spending behavior of your spouse, their shopping binges and debts and work them out together. One healthy lifestyle habit that has recently come up is discussing money related issues before marriage.

Budgeting: www.moneyaftergraduation.com
Budgeting: www.moneyaftergraduation.com

Budgeting your marriage is one thing that I’m sure will make your expenses manageable. Saving out on electricity, eating at home and exchanging handmade gifts can possibly help you manage your finances but only proper budgeting can ensure long term tranquility. Discuss your earnings, expenses, savings, bills and retirement plans. Oh, oh, the vacations too. We’re not aiming for a monotonous life, just a manageable one. You may budget your capital out through following parameters:

Source: www.cartoonstock.com
Source: www.cartoonstock.com
  • Home- Mortgage, rent, taxes, repairs
  • Personal- Grooming, clothing, prescriptions
  • Car- Insurance, fuel, installments, maintenance, repairs, tolls
  • Utilities- Electricity, gas, water,
  • Food – Groceries
  • Insurance – Personal, health, life insurance
  • Debts (if any) – Credit cards, loans
  • Entertainment- Movies, music, books, magazines, etc.

We have our individual spending behaviors but marriage comes with responsibilities and managing accounts is one important aspect of marriage. You don’t want to end up fighting with the person you are to spend your life with over money. As far as handling finances is concerned, the following habits can prove to be beneficial for the newlyweds:

  1. Coupon your expenses out: Many brands maintain their market images by sending out coupons and vouchers that you may find online, in newspapers or direct mails. Use these against groceries and save out on your daily kitchen shopping.
  2. In-home dinner dates: Romantic candle lit dinners are such a charm, I agree. Who said you are required to spend big bucks on such evenings though. How about cooking together the perfect meal, for a perfect dinner dine in over a little champagne following clumsy make outs. See, eating in has its own perks.

    Dinner date: www.twoology.com
    Dinner date: www.twoology.com
  3. Cut down on your electricity bills: Switch off the electrical appliances when not in use, cuddle up to save out on room heaters during the winter months and try using better ventilation options than air conditioners for summers. You will not only save out on your power bills but conserve the environment too.
  4. Walk shorter distance: Avoid wheeling around to short distances and manage money and your health at the same time.
  5. In-house theater: How about saving bucks on entertainment too? I mean why waste bucks on movie theaters which do not even give you a little privacy? Won’t you rather rent DVDs or subscribe to Netflix and enjoy every intimate moment of the movie in your own way? (if you know what I mean)

    Movie watching: mythreadofthought.blogspot.com
    Movie watching: mythreadofthought.blogspot.com
  6. Handmade gifts are so romantic!: Aren’t they? No expensive present would move your spouse better than the one that you make for them. Provided your partner isn’t a greedy bitch, of course. Oh, she is? Move on to the next one then.
  7. Filter your own water: My friend’s father owns a water manufacturing plant. So unless you marry her, filter your own water. Bottled water is expensive and a sick waste of your hard earned money.
  8. Recycle: Save out on expensive decorative items and use used cans and containers that can be redecorated into vase, baskets and penny holders. Follow DIY can crafts to make your own recycled decorative.
  9. Work each other out at home: Of course this includes the sweaty nasty sex that just popped up in your head. But, really, working out at home with your spouse will surely help you cut down on your gym expenses.

    Source: verdure.me
    Source: verdure.me
  10. Weekend getaways over expensive honeymoon: So what if you can’t be the married hitchhikers who travel all the time? Weekend getaways are as exciting and inexpensive as anything. You can surely plan on that exquisite honeymoon once you save too much, okay?

Now that I’ve told you enough ways of saving bucks and nicely budgeting your marriage, do not hesitate to take me out on a beer with the money you save. Also, if you ever decide on parting your ways and are too greedy to spare yourself of paying alimony, read 7 tips to manage your alimony payments.

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