Looking to Save 1crore: Here is how you can do it

(Last Updated On: September 23, 2016)

Becoming a crorepati in India or a Millionaire in the US has some kind of romance and enigma associated with it. From Bollywood movies to TV shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati being crorepati is associated with feelings like Oh yes I have arrived at a sense of entering the elite league. The league which smokes cigars drives convertibles on Marine drive and bets big on horse racing in Mahalakshmi grounds. With increasing incomes and increasing inflation what you can get done with 1 crore has reduced considerably but the SWAG value of being called crorepati has not reduced one bit.

So what can you do with Rs 1 crore today

  1. You can buy a 1 Bhk apartment in Andheri
  2. You can buy a 2 bhk apartment in Thane
  3. You can get a new BMW 7 series car ( maybe with little loan)
  4. You can take a round the world trip in Queen Mary 2

How to get to 1 crore savings in India

I have taken some assumptions on average returns from these instruments and most of these returns are calculated pre-tax. so if you add tax angle it will take more time to become crorepati and would have made the analysis complicated/


 If you save Rs 10000 per month

  It will take 27 years to become a crorepati if you keep investing in fixed deposits, but if you had invested in diversified mutual fund portfolio you will get there in 19 years


If you save Rs 20000 per month


If you save Rs 30000 per month


If you save Rs 50000 per month


Some of the faster ways to get to 1 crore

  • If you had not brought a Maruti Alto in 2003 and instead invested 3 lacs in Maruti Stock, It would have been 1 crore by now
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  • Or was an early angel investor in Flipkart

flipkart-valuation                                                                            Source: Yourstory


2 responses to “Looking to Save 1crore: Here is how you can do it”

  1. You are on the right path as a well balanced mutual fund portfolio can help achieve long term goals. You need to use STP to deploy lump sum funds you have.

  2. Hi !

    I have been reading some of you article and liked the succinct way in which you build out your recommendation – especially a recent article i read on Debt – Liquid funds.

    I need a piece of advice from you:
    I recently sold a property and got Rs.40L. This is the biggest corpus i have got in my lifetime and want to make it work for me. My objective: Willing to set aside 20L for Child’s education (12 Yrs from now) and another 20L for retirement (15 Yrs.)

    Apart from the above i started to save Rs.75,000 / month in MF (Large cap-60%, Mid-25%, Hybrid-10%, Diversified-5%) which i expect to continue. The objective of this investment is to save for both Child’s education and Retirement.

    Can you please suggest:
    1. How should i invest the corpus in the first part
    2. Is the SIP and the allocation good for the same objectives?

    Thank you!

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