Mutual fund logos

(Last Updated On: May 5, 2017)

A logo is a symbol or an emblem which represents graphically, a commercial enterprise or an organisation. The logo helps and promotes instant public recognition of the organisation. So below, are some few logos of popular mutual funds in India.

Mutual fund logos

Mutual Funds – An Overview

A Mutual Fund is a professionally managed investment vehicle that collects a pool of funds from many investors in order to purchase securities like bonds, stocks, monetary assets etc. Generally, these Mutual Funds are managed by people called as “money managers”, who invest the fund’s capital and try to obtain capital gains and income for the investors who have deposited the funds.

Here are the logos of some top mutual funds

SBI Mutual Fund


State Bank of India Mutual Funds offers a lot of option for their customers like equity funds, hybrid funds and debit funds. They offer a lot of possibilities to manage the finances of their customers in a better way. They claim to have an experience of more than 28 years in the fund management process over multiple market cycles and with different assets styles and classes. It is a joint venture with the State Bank of India and it has turned out to be one of the world’s largest asset management companies. They have more than 160 branches all over the country. It helps in creating awareness and simplifying the economic investment decisions for its investors.

Reliance Mutual fund

Relaiance mutual fund logo

Reliance mutual fund brings about a wide range of options for mutual funds in order to suit the investment needs of their investors and customers. The investors can invest in the best investment plans of reliance mutual funds and can experience the joy of building their wealth through this process.They offer a lot of option for their customers like equity funds, liquid funds, gold funds and debit funds. Reliance mutual equities fund have one of the highest returns between the various investment options. They are an ideal option for investors who are looking for a long term investment.

Tata Mutual Fund

Tata Mutual fund logo

Tata Mutual Funds have a lot of investment options for their investors like Tata retirement savings fund,Tata young citizens’ fund, Systematic Investment Plan and it also has a customized plan for its investors.Retirement savings fund aims to make their investors have a stress free retirement. Tata young citizens’ fund gives a head start to the children’s life by investing in their future. They also have an e-financial advisor and a strong customer support team.

UTI Mutual Fund

UTI mutuall fund logo

UTI Mutual Funds have a lot of investment options for their investors like:

  1. UTI retirement benefit pension fund
  2. UTI children’s career balanced plan
  3. UTI opportunities fund
  4. UTI wealth builder funds
  5. UTI mid cap funds
  6.  UTI long term equity fund.
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They have an experience of more than 30 years in the investment market. They have also created an app for easier transactions of the investors.

Birla Mutual fund

Birla mutual fund logo

Birla Mutual Fund is a joint venture between the Aditya Birla Group and the Sun Life Financial Inc. of Canada. They have a lot of investment options for their investors like Savings/Debit fund, Tax Savings and Wealth Creation. The assessment company has one of the largest team of research analysts in the industry. These folks are dedicated to tracking down the best companies for the investors to invest in. BirlasSun Life Asset Management Company follows a long-term and a fundamental research based policy for investments. They have an approach to identify companies and organizations with very high growth prospects and very strong fundamental values. The fundamental value sh includes the quality of the company’s management, sustainability of its business model and its competitive position, amongst other factors.

Axis Mutual fund

Axis bank logo

They have plans like axis equity fund, axis long term equity fund. They have plans in which the investors can secure their child’s future. Some of the interesting investing schemes with Axis mutual funds include investment plans for a world tour, children’s education, children’s wedding, dream house and retirement benefits.

No matter what the organization is being preferred by the investors for investment. It is very important for the citizens to make sure that they save up for their future and invest in a good asset management program which would help them secure their futures and give them a relaxed and stress-free retirement period.

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