Best Short term Debt Funds to invest in India 2017

Investment in the capital markets always exposes your capital to the risk of volatility and is not suitable for those investors who depend on their savings for livelihood. Short Term Debt Mutual Funds provides an alternative to traditional Fixed Deposit and Monthly Income schemes with higher return and low volatility. These are also known as income funds. The fund invests in Govt. and companies debt instrument and money market instrument of shorter duration of maturity of

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HDFC Mutual Fund Fact Sheet

HDFC mutual fund is one of the premier mutual fund house in the country. HDFC mutual fund was approved by SEBI to as a registered asset management company on 3rd of July 2010.HDFC mutual fund also took over the business of Morgan Stanley mutual fund and Zurich India mutual fund in India.

HDFC mutual fund as of today runs about  1162 schemes and has 237177 crores of funds under management. HDFC mutual fund offers schemes across

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ICICI Direct: Review, Brokerage Charges, Features

ICICI direct is a full-service online trading and investment management platform owned by ICICI securities. This post covers ICICI Direct Review, brokerage charges, features and other useful analysis. ICICI direct offers wide range of services offered including:

  1. Online Trading in equities
  2. Online derivatives trading
  3. Mutual fund investments
  4. Investing in IPO’s
  5. Investing in corporate bonds,
  6. Fixed deposits
  7. Investing in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  8. Insurance Products
  9. Subscription to NPS (National Pension scheme)

ICICI securities started as a retail stock broker and is the largest stock broker in

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Best MIP Mutual fund to invest in 2017 – Best Investment plans for monthly Income

Monthly Income Plan or MIP as the name suggest is an investment strategy in which major part of the capital is invested in debt fund&money market instrument ( around 70-80%) to generate interest income which is given to investors in form of dividend and rest is invested in equity stocks (15-30%). MIPs are subject to volatility but the risk of downside is lesser. In this post, we look at best MIP mutual funds to

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ELSS vs SIP : Difference between ELSS and SIP

SIP is a way to invest into ELSS or other mutual funds in a recurring way. In this post we look at various aspects of investing into ELSS via SIP mode.

systematic investment plan (SIP) is a small and easy method to invest one’s money in mutual fund schemes. SIP is very much similar to recurring deposit scheme wherein an investor invests small amount of money on regular basis. The SIP scheme helps an individual investor to

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SBI Mutual Fund Fact Sheet

Updated on 11th of July 2017

SBI Mutual Fund is one of the biggest mutual fund houses in India. SBI AMC( asset management company). It has approximately 158 thousand crores of assets under management and runs 615 different mutual fund schemes.SBI Mutual Fund has schemes across equity, debt ( short term, long term), money market etc. SBI Mutual fund factsheet captures monthly performance of all SBI mutual fund schemes

Introduction to SBI Mutual funds