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(Last Updated On: July 13, 2017)

Here are key resources to help you do more with your money

How to Get Rich

  1. Tips to get rich in 2017 and beyond 
  2. Books to read in 2017 If you want to get  rich
  3. How to become a crorepati

Mutual Fund Investments

  1. How to measure Mutual fund Returns
  2. ETFs versus Mutual funds
  3. Fixed Deposit versus Mutual Funds
  4. How SIP works

Saving Taxes

  1.  ELSS Wiki
  2.  Best ELSS funds to invest in 2017
  3. Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving Scheme All you need to know
  4. Things to remember while filing tax returns 

Growing your Money

  1.   Best NRI Investment options 
  2.   Complete guide to best investment options in India


  1.  SIP Calculator
  2.  PPF Calculator
  3. Sukanaya Samriddhi yojana calculator
  4. Mutual fund Calculator
  5. Fixed Deposit Calculator

Financial Planning

  1.    How to calculate Retirement plan which works 
  2.    Financial planning tools
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