Reliance Securities : Review, Brokerage Charges, Features

(Last Updated On: May 1, 2017)

Reliance securities is a full-service online trading and investment platform and is the broking arm of Reliance Capital. In this blog we look at Reliance Securities Features, reviews, trading account opening and Brokerage Charges.

Reliance Securities started its operation in 2005. It has a strong presence across the country with 1000+ offices serving 8 Lakh customers.

Reliance Securities offers services in:

  1. Equities
  2. NCDs/Bonds
  3. Sovereign Gold Bond
  4. IPOs
  5. Mutual Funds
  6. Derivatives
  7. Currency
  8. Corporate FDs
  9. Insurance Products
  10. Securities Lending & Borrowing
  11. Auction Market Participation

Features of Reliance Securities

  • Competitive Brokerage: Provides different competitive brokerage plans suited for different categories of investors and traders
  • Smart Trading Platforms: Offers a wide range of user-friendly trading platforms from browser-based platform to application based for both computer and mobile devices. It also offers call and trade facility to its customers
  • Research: It offers it customers with specialized research report ranging from investment summaries, pre-market reports, futures and options (F&O) calls, options strategies, and its proprietary R-Model Portfolio service.
  • Support Services: Get assisted through Relationship Managers in understanding the market dynamics and execution of buying and sell calls
  • Reward Programme: It offers its customers with specially designed reward program those use the online platform in equity trading, Investing in Mutual Funds, and select NCDs.

Demat Fees

Fee HeadDP Charges
AMC for Basic Services Demat Account(Only for individual having one Demat Account)
A. Holding Value not greater than Rs 50000
B. Holding Value between Rs 50001- Rs 200000

Rs. 100 P.A
Regular Demat Account (Non BSDA)
A. For Individual /HUFs / Trust
B. For NRIs / Foreign Nationals
C. For Corporate / Other Non Individuals

Rs. 400 P.A
Rs. 1000 P.A
Lifetime Free AMC( For Individual /HUFs / Trust)Rs. 2500
Transaction charges:
SELL (Market & Off Market)

0.04 % of transaction value or Minimum of Rs.27/- per ISIN
A. For each request form
B. Extra for each certificate

Rs. 30
Rs. 5

Reliance Securities Brokerage Plan and Charges

Reliance Securities offer three types brokerage plans to its customer depending on the trading and investment pattern. Trading Account opening charges Rs.950 which is a one-time charge. All plans are discussed in details below.

R-Flexi Plan– It offers a sliding scale brokerage plan in which charges decreases with the increase in volume traded. The benefits of this Flexi scheme available in Delivery, Margin, and options. The scheme is best suited for high-value traders.

Delivery ( NSE, BSE Cash Segment)Margin (NSE, BSE Cash Intraday & Futures)Options
Monthly TurnoverBrokerageMonthly TurnoverBrokerageMonthly TurnoverBrokerage Per Lot (in Rs.)
More Than Rs. 2.5 crore0.15%50 Crore or more0.015%25 lakh or more50
More Than Rs. 2.5 crore0.15%Rs. 25 cr.- 50 cr.0.02%25 lakh or more50
Rs 50 lakh- 2.5 crore0.25%Rs 10 cr.-25 cr.0.025%Rs 10 lakh-25 Lakh60
Rs.25 lakh- 50 Lakh0.40%Rs 5 cr.-10 cr.0.04%Rs 5 lakh-10 Lakh70
Rs. 10 lakh- 25 lakh0.50%Rs 2 cr.- 5 cr.0.05%Rs. 2lakh-Rs 5 lakh80

RFixed Online Plan:  This plan is designed for online customers who themselves operates and executes a trade without any dealer support. The plan has fixed brokerage charges, irrespective of the size of the transaction with seamless trading experience on web platforms.

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SegmentDeliveryIntraday CashFuturesOptions
Brokerage0.40%0.04%0.04%Rs. 100 per lot

R Fixed Plan: In this plan,  the customer will have the option to pay a fixed cost for all your trades with the ease of having access to branch and a relationship manager who will help to take investment decisions based on in-house generated fundamental and technical research reports.

SegmentDeliveryIntraday CashFuturesOptions
Brokerage Rate0.50%0.05%0.05%Rs. 100 per lot

* Service tax, Securities Transaction Tax, Stamp Duty, Turnover charges and other government / statutory levies will be charged as applicable.

Trading platforms

  • TICK: It is the most advanced trading software offered by Reliance Securities with features like Big Data Analytics, Robo insights, News Analytics, Portfolio & Trade Highlights, Technical Alerts & Signals.

  • TICK Pro: This is an App based trading platform with same features of TICK trading software.

  • INSTA EXPRESS: It’s a free, .exe  based trading tool which provides super fast trading experience in equity and derivatives. It allows trading in real time environment with live market rates of scrips in NSE, BSE & NSE Currency.

  • INSTA PLUS: It’s a web-based trading platform which provides seamless trading experience to retail customers. Some features of the platform are:

    Integrated market watch for Equities and Derivatives

    Live Streaming Quotes

    Know your margins before order entry

    Multiple payment gateways

    Integrated research with fundamental and technical analysis

    Seamless investments in Mutual funds, IPOs, Bonds, etc.

    Advanced charting tools.

  • Branch Desk Dealing: This service is assisted by your Relationship Manager (RM). The RM guides the investor with all short of market information and executes the trade on the behalf of customer.
  • Call and Trade: This facility is available to customer every trading day from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Customers have to call 022-39886000,022-25816000 for all trade related queries. First, 20 calls in a month are free and from 21st call Rs. 20/ call is charged to the customer.
  • Trade Express: It’s a Java based trading tool to provide world class terminal-like trading experience to customers. Few features are:

    Stream quotes from stock exchanges.

    Single screen for cash and derivatives to make hassle free trading and investing in stocks

    Multiple market watch profiles.

    View holdings, check limits on one screen

Pros and Cons Of Reliance Securities


  • Offers flexible brokerage plan and trading medium to customers.
  • All investment product and financial service are available under one roof
  • Spread across all major cities


  • Plans with low brokerage charges are available to big traders
  • No much difference in brokerage fees with other broking companies for small traders

How to invest in stocks through Insta Express Trading platform

  • Login to NEST platform and enter security answers when prompted
  • To add stocks to watch list, select NSE/BSE in dashboard
  • To allocate funds, Click to secure link and then choose Add funds (it will redirect to your linked account)
  • Enter the stock symbol or name and press enter to add
  • To buy stock, press F1 on the stock name in market watch
  • Enter quantity, price(if limit order) and submit your order
  • Cross check your order, then press enter to place the order
  • Check order book or Net positions to view or buy
  • In order to sell, press F2 on the stock and place your order
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FeaturesReliance SecuritiesKotak Securities
ICICI DirectZerodha
Service TypeMargins (Equity)Full ServiceFull ServiceDiscount Broker
Brokerage0.05-0.5%0.05-0.5%0.05 – 0.55%Rs. 20
Account Opening CostRs 950Rs 750Rs 975 for 3-in-1 accountRs 200 (couriered)
Rs 100 (form printed)
Margins (Equity)Intraday- 10 times
Delivery- 4 times
Intraday- 15 times
Delivery- 3 times
Intraday- 25 times
Delivery- 5 times
Intraday- 20 times
Delivery- Nil

Process and Documentation Required

One can open an account in Reliance Securities in three ways

  1. Through their customer help desk no. : 022 39886000, 022 25816000
  2. Get yourself registered through online application form available in website( or Whatsapp to executive at +91 7710078904
  3. By visiting nearest branch office

For online registration, users should upload scanned copy of PAN copy, Adress Proof, Personalised Cancelled Cheque.


Reliance Security is a reputed stock broking arm and provides a wide array of financial solutions to its customers. Its advanced analytics and Robo-trading software provide an edge over other broking companies to advanced free trading software. It’s reasonably priced broking plans are designed keeping in mind of needs of the different types investors. It combines the value of research, big data analytics and long experience in capital markets to provide value to customers.

For more information about products and services of Reliance Securities click on the youtube link.

Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)

How do I check my current brokerage plan on the trading portal?
Please follow the below-mentioned steps after you login to your trading account on Insta Plus Platform:

Click on ‘Quick Link’ option displayed on the left-hand side of the trading page.

Click on My Profile option and scroll down and check ‘Brokerage Details’.

How many bank accounts can be linked to my trading account?
You can link a maximum of three bank accounts with your trading account for making payment.

I want to change my e-mail address and mobile number through the online portal.
Please follow the below-mentioned steps after you login to your account:

Click on ‘Quick Link’ option displayed on the left-hand side of the trading page.

Click on ‘My Profile’ option and click on ‘Update Primary Email and Phone Number’.

My account is dormant. How do I activate it?
Please follow below mentioned steps to activate account –

Open the website

Click on Trade

Enter User IDand it will redirect to reactivation page;

Enter PAN Number and registered email address and click on submit

Your account will be reactivated immediately and you will be redirected to reset your login password.

How can I generate an online password?
Please follow the steps mentioned below to generate a new password

A. Open

B. Click on, “Trade”

C. Enter User ID

D. Click on, “Forget password”

E. A new window will open. Please enter PAN number and registered email address

F. A new window will open. Please select the desired option and password will be sent to registered email address.


How to place Equity and Derivative orders?
Please follow below mentioned process to place order in Insta Plus

Equity Order

A. Login to New Insta Plus

B. Click on “Equity”

C. Click on ”Place Order”

D. Select “Exchange”

E. Select the scrip name you wish to Buy OR Sell

F. Select the Product Code

G. Enter the Quantity that you wish to Buy OR Sell

H. Select the Order Type Limit, Market or Stop Loss –L (DO not select Stop Loss-M)

I. Select retention type as DAY

J. Click on Submit to complete the order placing process.

Derivative Order

A. Login to New Insta Plus

B. Click on “Derivative”

C. Select the exchange as NFO

D. Select the Instrument Type – OPTSTK, OPTIDX, OPTIGX, FUTSTK, FUTIDX, and FUTIGX

E. Select the Symbol

F. Select the expiry month – 1st Month, 2nd Month

G. Select Option Type – CE, PE (Applicable for Options)

H. Select the Strike Price (Applicable for Options)I. Select the Action (Buy/Sell)

I. Select the Product Code as, “NRML/MIS/CO” (CO for Nifty /Bank Nifty)

J. Enter the Quantity that you wish to Buy OR Sell

K. Select the Order Type Limit, Market or Stop Loss –

L (DO not select Stop Loss-M)L. Select retention type as DAY

M. Click on Submit to complete the order placing process

How does one check trading ledger balance and Demat holdings?
Ledger balance

Please follow below mentioned steps to check Current Ledger in Insta Plus –

A. Login to New Insta Plus.

B. Click on, “Equity”

C. Click on, “Limits”

Demat Holding

Please follow below mentioned steps to check Demat Holding in Insta Plus –

1. Login to Insta Plus

2. Click on Equity

3. Click on DP Holdings

After placing fund withdrawal, when will I receive credit in my bank account?
A. If request is placed before 4.30 PM on working day and correct IFSC code is updated then the amount will credit in his bank account on T+1 day

B. If request is placed after 4.30 PM on working day and correct IFSC code is updated then amount will credit in his bank account on T+2 day

C. If request is placed before 4.30 PM on working day and IFSC code is not updated then cheque for withdrawn amount will be sent to the nearest branch in T+6 working days

*the information provided are sourced from the official website of Reliance Securities here.

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