Ventura Securities: Demat and Trading Account Opening, Reviews, Brokerage Charges

(Last Updated On: May 7, 2017)

This post discusses about Ventura Securities Demat and Trading Account Opening, Charges, brokerage, apps and other features.

Ventura Securities started its operation in 1994 as a stock broking house and provides a complete range of financial product & services. In over two decades it is one of the established stock broking company with presence in more than 300 cities through it 25 branches and a large network of over 500 sub-brokers.

Product and Services Offered

  • Equity
  • Equity Derivatives
  • Commodities
  • Mutual Funds
  • Fixed Income Products
  • Currency Futures
  • Portfolio Management Services

Demat Account with Ventura Securities

Ventura is a depository participant of NSDL.It offers its customers with Account opening services, Dematerialisation of Securities, Transfer of Securities, Pledging of Securities, Transmission of Securities, IDeAS facility for online view holding and transaction.

Benefits of Demat with Ventura

  • Lifetime AMC free account
  • Faster Account Opening
  • Hassle free automated pay-in facility
  • View Demat holding online with live market rates
  • Access information 24×7, Anytime, Anywhere
  • Competitive transaction charges
  • Auto-credit of non-cash benefits like Bonus, Rights.
  • Monthly “Bill-cum-Transaction-cum-Holding” statement of your account

Account Opening Charges

  • Demat Account Opening Charge: Rs 150
  • Trading Account Opening Charge: Rs 300
  • Trading Account AMC: Nil

Brokerage Plans and Charges

Customers need to select the brokerage plans under which plan they want to operate their account. Below is the table for different brokerage plan.

Access ChargesMobile MarketsMaximum Refundable AmountPeriodBrokerage
Amount Refunded will be to
the extent of access charge
or brokerage generated;
whichever is lower
Delivery %Intraday % (for
cash & derivatives)
charged one leg
1000not available10001 year0.450.05Rs 50/ lot
2000not available20001 year0.350.04Rs 50/ lot
3500not available35001 year0.200.03Rs 50/ lot
5000not available50001 year0.170.025Rs 35/ lot
7500not available75001 year0.150.02Rs 35/ lot
9999Available99991 year0.150.02Rs 35/ lot
10000Available100006 months0.150.015Rs 35/ lot
18000Available180001 year0.150.015Rs 35/ lot
15000Available150006 months0.130.0125Rs 35/ lot
25000Available250001 year0.130.0125Rs 35/ lot
20000Available200006 months0.100.01Rs 35/ lot
30000Available300001 year0.100.01Rs 35/ lot
43000Available430001 year0.100.01Rs 25/ lot
55000Available550001 year0.100.01Rs 21/ lot
80000Available800001 year0.100.01Rs 18/ lot

How does the brokerage plan work:

If a customer chooses Rs 5000 access charge plan, then the customer has to give the first amount of Rs 5450 during the account opening time. The brokerage generated by a customer during the one-year time frame will be refunded to the extent of access charge or brokerage generated; whichever is lower.

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Mutual Fund Brokerage

Equity Oriented0.50% of investment amount subject to maximum of Rs. 1,000Rs. 50/-
per transaction
Debt Oriented Plans0.30% of investment amount subject to maximum of Rs. 1,000Rs. 50/-
per transaction
Liquid PlansNilRs. 50/-
per transaction
  • Currency Derivative Rs. 20/- per lot on single leg of the transaction.
  • Brokerage on account settlement other than quarterly basis: -Per share 2.5% or 10 paisa whichever is higher on each and every leg of transactions on securities listed in cash segment and on index, stock and currency futures. 2.5% or Rs.100/- the per lot whichever is higher on options contract listed in futures and options and currency derivative segments
  • Minimum Brokerage: Brokerage will be charged as per the Plan selected by the client subject to a minimum brokerage of 2 paise per share for delivery based transactions and 1 paise per share for intraday.

Trading Platforms

Ventura pointers: It is computer based trading application and few features of the application are:

  • Bulk Trade Window. The user can customize it by giving quantity & value. All scrips trading at same or higher quantity or value would be shown in this window.
  • Action Watch Window. Scrips touching days high or days low would be shown here.
  • Black & Scholes Option Price Calculator
  • Market Summary Window. It would show Advance/ Decline, Best/ Worst 20, Top Traded
  • All Indices Window.
  • Pointer Fundamental Info Viewer. Would give all the latest news on all scrips.
  • Daily Newsletter – Daily Pointer can be accessed

Ventura Wealth: It is a mobile application based trading platform. The service is available for users who have selected brokerage plans Rs 9999 and above. Users can trade in every available segment.

Browser Trading: Users can log in through ( for access to trading platforms through the internet browser. Features of browser trading are similar to the pointers trading platform.

How to invest in stocks from Ventura trading platforms ( pointer and browser trading)

  1. Launch Ventura Pointers trading software
  2. Enter Login id, Password & Pin, PAN or DOB and Click on login
  3. Setup MarketWatch
  4. To add equity scrips – Right click -Add Scrip -Select Exchange -Enter Stock code or Stock name -Click Ok
  5. To add F&O scrips – Right click -Add F&O Scrip -Select Scrip, Expiry & Instrument -Click Show -Click Select All -Click Add & Quit
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To place equity trade

  1. Press F1 Key. This will open the Place Order Window with data on the currently highlighted scrip from the Market Watch Window.
  2. Once the user clicks on ‘Place’ button, he will be shown another window with the details of his order. The order will be sent for processing only when the user clicks on the ‘Confirm’ button in this window.
  3. Press F2 Key. Rest of the operations are similar to placing a Buy Order.

To place F&O same procedure is followed as equity trade.


Process and Documentation Required for Ventura Securities

One can open an account in Ventura Securities through two ways. By filling the details on the official website and Ventura representative will call you. And by visiting the nearest official branch or sub broker.

Documentation Required

  • 2 Photographs
  • Self Attested PAN copy
  • Proof of Identity ( Aadhaar/ Passport/ Voter ID card/ Driving license)
  • Proof of Address
  • One Cancelled Cheque

Pros and Cons of Ventura Securities


  • It offers a low brokerage plans to its customer with benefit of brokerage refund after access period
  • Wide range of financial product and services available to its customer
  • Dedicated customer service has been developed for NRI, PIOs for their investment requirement
  • Lifetime free Demat Account service has been provided to customers
  • Daily, monthly, quarterly Research reports on Equity, Mutual Funds, and Commodities


  • Doesn’t offer 3-in-1 account type to its customer
  • Have less presence in PAN India
  • Customer need to pay lump sum brokerage during the account opening time
  • Trading software have fewer features than other competitor’s trading platform

Comparison Table

FeaturesVentura SecuritiesAngel BrokingKotak SecuritiesReliance SecuritiesZerodha
Service typeFull ServiceFull ServiceFull ServiceFull ServiceDiscount Broker
Brokerage0.01-0.45%0.016- 0.4%0.05-0.5%0.05-0.5%Flat Rs. 20
Account Opening CostRs 450NilRs 750Rs 950Rs 200 (couriered)
Rs 100 (form printed)
Margins (Equity)Intraday- 5 times
Delivery- 2 times
Intraday- 10 times
Delivery- 3 times
Intraday- 15 times
Delivery- 3 times
Intraday- 10 times
Delivery- 4 times
Intraday- 20 times
Delivery- Nil


Ventura’s mission statement is “to build true relationships and strive towards customer delight, through constant innovation on a strong foundation of dedicated and trained resources”. Ventura Securities is a full type service provider of financial products and service. Its unique brokerage plans make it user-friendly and lowest charged brokerage house in the industry. It provides a complete range of investment options in mutual funds, Fixed income, PMS that helps to grow wealth efficiently. The only major shortfall is margin provided for trading is less than the other competitors.

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Frequently asked Question (FAQs)

Q. How to transfer securities from another Demat account?

A. The client needs to furnish DIS slip provided by another broker with below information:

  • Ventura DP ID (IN 303116) and 8 digit target Client Id
  • ISIN Number & Name of securities, Quantity in figures & words
  • Number of ISIN to be transferred & contact number

Q. Can I buy bonds and NCDs with Ventura?

A. Yes, you can buy and trade bonds and NCDs with Ventura.

Q. Does Ventura offer After Trading Hours Order or After Market Order (AMO) or Off Market Orders? Can I place orders after trading hours; the orders which get executed when the market opens next time? Can I place an order when the market is closed?

A. Yes; you can place ‘After Trading Hours’ Order with Ventura. The After Hour Sessions enable you to place orders even when the market is closed. The timings of the After Hour Order varies by broker to broker. Most brokers allow to place the AMO orders between 3:30 PM to 9:00 AM on trading day and 24 hrs on the non-trading day (weekends or trading holidays).

Q. Can I place Good Till Cancelled (GTC) orders though Ventura? With Good Till Cancelled trading orders; order remains in the system until you cancels it or they gets executed.

No; you can’t place GTC Orders with Ventura.

*All the factual information discussed here are sourced from official website of Ventura Securities

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