What if I invested in SBI Bluechip 5 years ago

(Last Updated On: June 15, 2017)

This post is part of  #WhatIfIInvested series where through simple graphs we try to understand what would have you happened if you invested in a particular mutual fund or a share or an asset class 5 years ago.

Today we look at SBI Bluechip Mutual Fund which is one of the premier funds in the large-cap category. It has been rated 5 stars consistently by crisil and value research. The fund manager for the fund is

What if I Invested Rs 10000 per month for last 5 years in SBI Bluechip Mutual Fund

Source : Bodhik SBI Bluechip Fund Page

So if you had a SIP of Rs 10000 per month current value of your investment will be 9.69 lac, so you invested 6 lacs and have got 9.69 lacs.  you can calculate your XIRR using XIRR formulae

What if I Invested Rs 1lac lumpsum  5 years ago in SBI Bluechip Mutual Fund


So if you had invested 10 lacs in SBI Bluechip 5 years ago your corpus would have become more than 2.5 times to about 26.17 lacs.

Do check what was your fixed deposit or savings bank return was in the same period.#Mutualfundsahi hai.

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